Must have arrangements during a meeting in a meeting hotel

Meeting hotels are usually considered as an easy access during an official meet up especially when a second or third party is involved.  This is a great way of publicizing the new project as well as saving the management from exerting too much effort in just a meeting. Most of the time when there is a big project everyone is busy in working, there is no one to take care of meeting arrangement. This is one of the major reasons organizations use Meeting Hotels rather than a cooperate office, they want to be free from the responsibility of arranging a meeting, but they overlook little details that end up disturbing the decorum of whole meeting. Here are some important things you need to know about successful meeting arrangements.

Seating arrangements

It is one of the key step towards a perfect meeting arrangement, make sure there are two tables around the main table.  This will help a lot, if anyone is in need of something, keep everything that anyone might need during a meeting extra pen, extra papers, extra water bottles, chargers and printer.

Same room

Although pen and water bottles are provided individually to everyone but sometimes there is a need of more, especially when everyone is stuck in same room and are not allowed to go out.

Walking space

It is very important to know the capacity of the room, the meeting room must not be too big or too small. While arranging the seats make sure there is enough space on each side of the chair to help everyone exist easily.


Everything in refreshment must be perfect an according to the occasion, most organization think that lunch is a better option. It is very important to know when exactly you want to serve the refreshment if you want to serve the refreshment in break make it brief and light. Don’t add too much food items or heavy food items, this will make people sleepy and they may not be able to focus on the meeting. If the refreshment is served at the end you may serve anything including lunch.

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