Interiors in meeting hotels

Architect is very important, but what is even more important is the fact that interior must be more appealing. In meeting hotels management and specially architects don’t focus much on the interior, that’s because they think business tycoons and cooperate office workers are not interested in the interiors, which is not true. Who does not like a good interior? The fact that it is just a meeting place where boring discussion and business mergers might take place, make them think it’s not important to decorate interior. This might be true, but the psychologist and scientist have researched on different things including attention span, effect of color on mind and other things. All these things together help in designing the interior of room. Here are some tips that you need to know if you are designing a meeting hotel or a simple meeting room or even a conference room.


Colors are one of the most important things that influence the working of human mind, some colors can be extremely relaxing while other can be very intimidating. It is very important to select the colors accordingly, most of the time people use simple colors and end up with an extremely boring interior with all white and brown. Choose light colors and focus on blue, green, gray and pastel range, all these colors are not only relaxing but they are cool for the eyes and relaxation increase the attention span.


It is very important to cover windows, it’s one of the main reasons of distractions. Just imagine, whilesitting in a boring meeting what can you possibly think? Most of the time people stare at different things in the room, drapes and curtains are one of them. It’s good that you have beautiful curtains in the room but it is very distracting and complex design and texture reduces the attention span. Just use simple blinder, they are perfect for covering the windows and they are simple and elegant.


Electricity outlets are very important, but what’s even more important is their location. Having outlets and sockets at just one place restrict everyone and it gives a messy impression, you don’t wire wires everywhere. In order to make it easy for everyone make sure you have outlets everywhere, evenly distributed. If you don’t have enough sockets just use an extension for this, you can simply plug it in, and put the extension under the table. Make sure to hide the wire under the carpet, this will give a better look.