Things that convince management to select a meeting hotel

Everyone agrees to the fact that business organizations no longer want to arrange the meetings in their offices, they prefer meeting hotels for this. The question is what convinces a management to prefer one meeting hotel over the other, although both hotels are providing same facilities. Most of the meeting hotels provide a good capacity for catering everyone, great capacity in parking and very well designed rooms but there are certain things that play a rather important role in deciding which hotel to trust. For this reason business organization search about the hotels and once they find the perfect hotel, experience counts a lot, here are a list of things that affect the selection criteria a lot.


We live in an age of technology, whenever we want to buy anything or we are deciding to but anything we look for it on internet. It is very important to get new customers but it’s even more important to keep the old customers. Most of the business organizations believe in a review from a peer more than just an internet reviews, so if a business organization had a good experience with you there is a likely chance you may get customers from their reference. This is great for business point of you as you don’t have to spend more money on marketing but there is a drawback, if there is one bad experience you may lose customers, so quality is the key.


According a research about business to 89% of the respondents stated that they prefer cost effective deals on everything else.Business organizations revolve around finance, most of their decisions are made by finance department. If it is not cost efficient there is nothing in this world that can convince them to take the deal. Make sure you don’t charge so much, make it as affordable as possible. This will attract more customers and this is also good from marketing point of view.


According to a research about business almost 94% respondent claimed that they require Wi-Fi at their meeting. This may sound quite alright, considering the circumstances but some people may think they can use data. Most people only use data for their phones and they require a Wi-Fi for their laptops, not just any Wi-Fi but a good Wi-Fi with strong signal and speed. All these things make a business meeting successful, there must a backup for internet, in case internet stop working you must have a backup plan.