Things you must notice while booking a meeting hotel

Conducting meetings in meeting hotels is becoming a huge trend, this is not only good for marketing but employees also love new place, where they can have a good time. Most of the time when we look for a meeting hotel we don’t care about details, all we care about is a good and calm place with a huge parking space. Even when we select the room we care about space and capacity, there are many small details that we usually miss and later all these things become the reason of many other problem during a conference or a meeting.


It is very important that service is quick and the management already know the purpose of the meeting. If the meeting is just a casual agenda discussion or a contract signing there is no need of extra things, but in case you have a launch meeting, you obviously need a projector along with Wi-Fi and electricity outlets in the whole room. Another important thing is you need a bigger display screen if you don’t have a projector. Everything related to technology must be up to the mark, this will help you to complete your meeting on time.


The capacity of the room is also very important, mostly we want a big room in order to accommodate everyone easily but it’s better to get a room that is just the right size, neither too big nor to small. This will help everyone to get an easy access to exit door as well as other things in the room, if the room is too big it will take a lot of time to exist the room for an emergency and this will as a result distract people for longer time period. If it is too small everyone will bump into each other if they want to leave or need something, so a room must have a capacity to move.

Parking space

It is very important to have a huge parking space with easy access. Most of the time we don’t care about parking space and only focus on the interior of the meeting hotel. We may end up in a place perfect for the meeting but with small parking space, this mean everyone in the meeting is already exhausted because they had to find a parking spot, not only this but a small parking space also mean more noise which is one of the major reason people select a meeting hotel than a corporate office.